Bush’s Endorsement of Cruz a Huge Blow…to Cruz

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Judging by the amount of prominent, splashy coverage given over to Jeb Bush’s endorsement of Ted Cruz today, one could quite easily be forgiven for thinking that a massive curveball had just been thrown into the Republican primary race. The media at large have reported on this development as if it represented a turning point of sorts; the kind of news that would send shivers of fear into Cruz’s two remaining opponents. But let’s not forget who we’re talking about here.

Jeb (exclamation point gone, glasses back, presumably) was without question the biggest flop of this election cycle. His campaign race, much like Hillary Clinton’s back in 2008, was seen as a mere formality before he would inevitably be crowned king of the hill and continue the family’s reign from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It wouldn’t have been surprising to learn that his wife already had a color scheme in mind with which to redecorate the White House prior to their official residency.

And yet despite the juggernaut of the party establishment behind him, and raising an intimidating campaign/super PAC war chest of more than $100 million, it all came to nothing. From his debate performances to his paltry poll numbers, the return on investment was an embarrassment. There were many reasons why his quest failed so colossally, but the chief reason was that he was a mild-mannered, establishment candidate at a time when the electorate wanted the exact opposite. They were angry and disillusioned and wanted a firebrand hip-shooter who spurned the good ol’ boys that had always called the shots from the dusty, do-nothing halls of Washington.

In this volatile political climate, Jeb’s candidacy was about as appealing as a bout of gonorrhea and he was rewarded accordingly at the ballot box. But now that failed, rejected brand has wrapped its arms around Ted Cruz and given him a good ol’ boys bear hug, both forcing smiles on their faces as they do what they must to get what they want – for Bush, anything but Trump; for Cruz, Bush’s donor friends.

It puts Cruz in a very awkward position, for the more he courts and receives the backing of an establishment that loathes him (just not quite as much as it fears Trump), the more he begins to resemble, in the eyes of the electorate, the very thing they revile and which he consistently claims not to be – one of them.
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