Primaries? What Primaries?

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Believe it or not, there are three Democratic presidential nomination races taking place this weekend – in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington – but from the close to invisible press coverage they’re currently receiving, large swaths of the country are most likely completely unaware of them. 

There’s been no mention of them in any of the major news outlets today, and after a Google search I was only able to find one non-local media organization reporting on them: The International Business Times – not exactly a go-to news source for the average person on the street.

So why the near-universal lack of interest and coverage? Why not the usual flood of hype and hypothesizing that usually precedes such events? Perhaps it could be because this weekend’s contests are only being fought by the Democrats. Without the circus appeal of the Republican nomination battle – particularly the ratings busting Donald Trump factor – there seems to be little appetite from news organizations to devote column inches and airwaves to a nomination race they’ve all but written off as over.

And once again, it’s the Sanders campaign that loses out. With scant to no polling information available for these races, it is nevertheless Bernie Sanders who is favored to win all three contests, based on demographics, past voting patterns, and the fact that all of them are caucuses – a format that has proven to be beneficial to Sanders in the past. 

With a total of 172 delegates up for grabs, the stakes aren’t exactly negligible either and could provide Sanders with a healthy leg up in closing the gap between the numbers of pledged delegates the two candidates currently hold. 

It’ll be interesting to see the how the results finally pan out, and almost as interesting to see how much press coverage those results receive. If, as has been the case today, they’re still fixated on Ted Cruz’s National Enquirer scandal, it probably won’t be a whole lot.

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