Between a Trump and a Hard Place

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Ted Cruz & John Kasich Team Up to Stop Trump

That’s where many of the GOP establishment now find themselves at this late stage in the nomination race. For those party insiders still vehemently opposed to seeing Donald J. Trump as their standard bearer in November, there are just two possible outcomes at the convention in July – and neither one is likely to be a good result for them.

As Trump’s candidacy looks ever more likely to reach the magic 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination, their hopes of a contested convention are becoming increasingly tenuous. If Trump does indeed make it, they will be saddled with a leader whom they detest and who they feel will be certain to lose them the White House in the fall, and possibly the senate and a good number of house seats to boot.

However, with a recent poll showing Trump’s support among republican voters nationwide at almost 50%, compared to Cruz’s 28% and John Kasich’s 18%, their fears of a poor showing in November with Trump at the top of the ticket would seem misguided. At worst he would appear to be their best hope against a total drubbing.

But what if Trump doesn’t quite reach the necessary threshold? What if their dreams came true and ballots were to be cast in Cleveland? 

They would then have the choice of seeing Ted Cruz, a religious conservative candidate loathed by his peers and with minimal general election appeal crowned the winner, or else have John Kasich or some other name yet to be pulled from a hat parachuted in to fill the void.

In that instance, the party would surely be ruptured beyond repair – at least for this election cycle – as millions of loyal and zealous Trump supporters turned their rage on the GOP, with many refusing to come out to vote for a candidate who had been imposed upon them by the party elite. If all of their votes cast during the nomination process were to be stripped from them, you can rest assured there’d be little sign of them reappearing in November. 

If Trump’s resurgent campaign replicates its New York success during next Tuesday’s contests and beyond, that doomsday scenario may well be avoided. If it doesn’t, the establishment had better be careful what it wishes for.

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