CNN’s Outrageous Trump Spin

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This morning’s CNN Politics headline story dramatically announced “NYC to Donald Trump: He’s not one of us.” Intrigued by this blanket statement, I was curious to see how this mainstream media outlet was able to report on the political sensibilities of an entire city – the second largest in the world at that.

It turns out that the writer of the story is one MJ Lee, who is a CNN political reporter covering the 2016 presidential campaign, according to her bios on CNN and Twitter

How, I wondered, was this “political reporter” able to canvass the entire Big Apple to come up with such a bold, declarative assertion? 

As it turns out, Ms. Lee’s article was no more a piece of objective political journalism than my weekly shopping list. 

After noting Mr. Trump’s popularity in upstate and rural regions, Lee goes on to draw a contrast with his deep unpopularity in the city itself, noting that “His candidacy is widely viewed as distasteful and offensive by many residents.”

So who are these many residents Ms. Lee questioned in order to arrive at her stunning verdict and subsequent headline? 

The first: “Delvin James of Harlem…A registered Democrat who will vote for Hillary Clinton.” 

The second: “Lianna Remigao, 19, a student at City College… said Remigao, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter.”

The third: “Julian Irizarry…Remigao’s boyfriend.”

Next up on the list of New York City’s 8.4 million inhabitants who hold Trump in disdain: “Keith Wright, a Democratic Assemblyman from Manhattan.”

And the next: “Ron Kim, a Korean-American Democratic Assemblyman from Flushing.”

And finally: “Senator Daniel Squadron…a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.”

So there you have it – Ms. Lee, using all her investigative journalistic skills, was able to cite a grand total of 6 people – all Democrats – in order to justify her ridiculous leading story that purports to speak for a city of 8.4 million people.

The upshot:

MJ Lee’s fluff piece is about as far from substantive political reportage as you can get. It’s nothing more than lazy, biased punditry that belongs in the op-ed section of your local newspaper.

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