Obama’s Gift to Trump

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Donald J. Trump has just come off the most tumultuous, scandal-plagued, gaffe-ridden week of his race for the Republican nomination to date, and for a campaign that’s been awash in tumult, scandal and gaffes, that’s saying quite a lot.

The week started off with the arrest of his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after a tussle with a reporter at one of his campaign events, and things continued downhill from there. 

He completely botched an answer over abortion to the hard-driving Chris Matthews in an MSNBC town hall interview, suggesting that women who had abortions – were the procedure to be outlawed – should be “punished.” After an outcry from both sides of the political divide, he and his campaign team then scrambled to backtrack on the comment, saying that only doctors performing the abortions should be held accountable, but then on Friday he bafflingly announced that the laws on abortion should stay as they are – much to the horror of pro-life conservatives, of which there are many.    

He shocked world leaders and foreign policy experts alike with his suggestion that while nuclear proliferation should indeed be curbed, it might be a good idea for both Japan and South Korea to develop a nuclear capability to act as a foil to the threat of North Korea, which in turn would save the U.S. money by allowing it to withdraw its military presence from those countries.

Then there were the polls – the bane of all politicians unless they’re going in a certain direction. There was the one showing him being trounced by Clinton in a general election matchup, the one revealing a staggering 73% of female voters had a negative view of him, and more importantly in the short term, the one showing him trailing rival Ted Cruz by double digits in the upcoming Wisconsin primary contest.

It seemed to be a week in which nothing could go right for him…but then, right at the very end, straddled atop his white horse, his sword gleaming in the sunlight, in rode Barak Obama to grant him a reprieve from the onslaught of bad publicity.

“President Rips into Trump” bellowed CNN; “Obama Rebukes Donald Trump's Comments on Nuclear Weapons” trumpeted the New York Times, and as the president spoke the sighs of relief from Trump’s campaign headquarters could be heard for miles.

If there’s one thing that can always be counted on to unite Republican’s behind a common cause it’s their collective loathing of the current occupant of the White House. And so as Obama rounded on the GOP presidential hopeful, lambasting his knowledge – or lack thereof – on foreign policy, he inadvertently gifted the real estate mogul a little reverse psychology support, as in: “If Obama hates him maybe I should like him?”

It may not be enough to help Trump in Wisconsin, but after the disastrous week he’s had, the president’s smug attempt at piling on certainly won’t have hurt him.

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