The GOP’s ‘Hate Sex’ with Ted

By | 4/16/2016 2 comments
GOP establishment and Ted Cruz uncomfortable bedfellows

Unless billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump prevails in the Republican presidential nomination race, there’ll be a great many members of the GOP establishment looking back come November and muttering “If only” under their breath as they brace for another four years of having a Democrat in the White House.

In their furious attempts to stop Trump from reaching the all important 1, 237 delegate threshold – some overt, many covert – and putting their stock in the candidacy of Senator Ted Cruz, they are creating a destiny of failure for themselves. If they succeed, they will end up in July with a presidential candidate who is simply unelectable. His far-right religious conservatism simply isn’t going to fly with voters outside of the traditional red states that his party can rely on, and without popular appeal in the all-important swing states that ultimately decide general elections, his path to victory is nonexistent.

Then there is his personality. While his devotees are drawn to his straight-talking, sometimes folksy, sometimes preachy demeanor, many others outside of his immediate fanbase see him as a smarmy, snake oil salesman whose condescending manner elicits nothing but a sense of revulsion. His politics and personality create a toxic mix that most independents and Reagan Democrats are certain to reject, and without them Mr. Cruz’s presidential dreams will remain just that.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is far more of a dark horse in this race when it comes to popular appeal. While his controversial statements on immigrants, women’s issues and myriad other topics have seen his favorability ratings plummet in recent months, his non-establishment background and a history of shifting positions on many political planks give him the ability to swivel and adapt his message in any future fight for the hearts and minds of the majority – an advantage that Cruz’s dyed-in-the-wool religious conservatism lacks.  

Whether that advantage would be sufficient to repair enough of the damage that his full-throated populist campaign has so far wrought is hard to say, but it remains the GOP’s only hope of getting one of their own – albeit an adopted one – into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The upshot:

Unless Trump prevails against the will of the majority of his own party, the GOP will find itself with yet another failed presidential candidate in the fall; one they fully supported but deeply loathed. And when they wake up on November 9th, they’ll be left with nothing but the guilt and shame of having spent the last year in engaged in what amounts to a long, sweaty bout of political hate sex.

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  1. Just wanted to say again, thanks for the news from all sides. Refreshing!

    1. Sincerely appreciate the positive feedback - and thanks for reading!