Count Bernie Out at Your Peril

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Or perhaps “Count What Bernie’s Created Out at Your Peril” would be closer to the mark, since the man himself would be the first to agree that it’s not about him, but rather the people behind the movement that he has set in motion.

That, however, is something that, even after all this time, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment and the corporate media in all their conceited complacency still fail to comprehend.

Ever since Clinton was officially elected (or perhaps ‘engineered’ might be a better way of describing it) as the presumptive nominee for the party, there has been a virtual news blackout on Bernie Sanders. The mainstream media – collectively sparse in their coverage of the Vermont Senator even at the height of the campaign – have now relegated him to footnote status. While the idea of responsible journalism would suggest that any serious-minded media outlet would still be reporting on a hugely successful candidate who has yet to officially end his campaign, the unfortunate truth is that we no longer live in an era of responsible journalism. Money talks more than message in the modern fourth estate, and if it isn’t big dollar clickbait, it isn’t news.

However, be that as it may, just because Clinton and the DNC would prefer to imagine that their “problem” has gone away doesn’t make it so. With a campaign that received over 13 million votes and won a full 45% of pledged delegates (you know, the ones that actually represent the will of the people), Sanders and his supporters still wield immense power and influence over what might happen between now and November.

In a recent MSNBC interview, Sanders spoke of the ongoing negotiations between the two campaigns over the makeup of the party’s platform at the upcoming Philadelphia convention, stating “We are working, I mean as we speak, we are working with the Clinton campaign, trying to be able to come forward and say to my supporters, ‘You know what? Here's the progress that we have made. Here's what Secretary Clinton is saying on this issue, on that issue, that means a whole lot to you.’ So I hope that we can reach that goal. We are not there at this moment.”

One suspects that the reason that they’re “not there at this moment” is because what Secretary Clinton is “saying on this issue, on that issue” now may well be nothing like what she says on those same issues down the line, once Sanders has outlived his usefulness.

Sanders is well aware of this, of course, and is doubtless doing all that he can to ensure that many of his policy positions are enshrined in the platform now, rather than simply used by Clinton as vote-getting window dressing at the convention before being tossed aside.

But whatever the results of those negotiations, the fact remains that the real power lies less with the insurgent candidate than with the insurgency itself – those voters from all across the country who became energized and galvanized by a new kind of politics free of corporate influence and backroom deals – and ultimately that is who the party has to answer to.

If Clinton and the DNC imagine anything different then they’re in for a very rude awakening in Philadelphia later this month…and possibly in November as well.

The upshot:

With all the talk of a possible third party run, there is an argument to be made that in creating a grassroots movement independent of lobbyist influence and unaided by the Democratic Party itself (quite the opposite, in fact), Bernie Sanders has, in essence, already created a third party.

Viewed from that perspective, whatever agreements are reached between Sanders and the Clinton campaign now may have little actual influence with many of the people whose eyes have now been opened to a new way of doing things. Trying to win over the hearts and minds of those already divorced from the party establishment should prove to be a formidable – and in many cases impossible – task.

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  1. #NeverHer #BernieAndJill All our checks and balances in this country are now corrupt and skewed GIVE US OUR VOTE BACK, WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT

  2. I agree with every word of this article. Where's the Facebook link for sharing it? I only see a Twitter link.

  3. Hillary Clinton is toast. One way or another she is beaten. The Republicans will field an electable candidate relegating the Donald to the vice president slot allowing him to be a constant attack dog. She has so many flaws he will not have enough time to attack them all. She will have no way to avoid the questions about the many scandals and there wont be any answers that satisfy the people. The DNC has destroyed the Democratic party. The only chance is for a third party to represent the independent voters. I'm with Bernie , if he runs.

  4. actually hillary has never gotten the number of delegates needed to be the nominee...

  5. The DNC and corporate/political elites suppress our votes, and expect us to bow to the Queen they anointed? Forget it! Never going to happen! They cooked their own goose & now they have to live with the consequences.

  6. share on twitter should also share it on facebook. For those people who doubt that Trumpf and Hellary are in cahoots to get her elected you might want to watch this video from 8 years ago when she ran for president and lost. I believe they have been planning and rigging this election since then
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    total = 270 electors
    In Indiana JIll can be written in.
    If Bernie Sanders is not the nomine at the convention JIll Stein is on the ballot in 23 states and if we all go green she can defeat Trump and Hellary. #BernieOrBust or we GO GREEN - it's now or never. Please share in all groups