Why Hillary’s Losing It

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This year’s presidential election should have been a cakewalk for the Democratic Party.

In Donald Trump they faced an opponent that is the most inexperienced, ill-informed, and most ridiculed candidate to ever have been foisted upon the American public. He brazenly changes his stance on positions (and back again) almost hourly; he’s a serial self-harmer, routinely undermining his candidacy with controversial gaffes and petty spats and squabbles; and his unfavorability rating has reached historic numbers.

And yet somehow – mind-bogglingly – Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck in what’s proving to be an extraordinarily tight race.

Wait, what?

In fact, in the latest CNN poll, their survey found Trump actually topping Clinton with 45% of likely voters compared to her 43%. Furthermore, the most recent Quinnipiac poll found that four key swing states (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania) also extremely close, with Trump slightly ahead in Ohio and tied in Florida. And now the latest Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project tells exactly the same story. All things considered, this is an astonishing situation/predicament for the Democrats to find themselves in.

This is especially true when you consider that this comes on the heels of a particularly bad month for Trump – which in itself takes some doing – dragged down as it was by a major shakeup of his campaign staff, defections of high-profile Republicans to team Clinton, the Gold Star Family wrangle, and a (continued) barrage of negative headlines from the Clinton-friendly mainstream media. And yet despite all of that, Clinton’s post-convention 8 point lead is now…gone with the wind.

So how did we get here?

Well, aside from the malfeasance of the DNC and a hefty dose of election fraud, it really comes down to those most undemocratic of Democrats…those pesky old superdelegates – many of whom, one imagines, are crying in their beer right now, recalling those heady days of the nomination race when Bernie Sanders consistently outpolled Clinton in hypothetical match-ups with Trump by large margins. The writing was on the wall back then but they chose to ignore it, acting willfully blind to Clinton’s manifold liabilities and doing what so many before them had done to their cost…underestimated Trump.

Compounding all of this, of course, are her two most recent controversies.

At a fundraiser on Friday, fully aware of the press corps in her midst, she made the extraordinary decision to publicly malign half of Donald Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables.” In doing so, she not only insulted all of Trump’s supporters, but also a lot of undecided voters as well – voters she doubtless would very much like to have the support of.

It was the kind rookie gaffe you’d expect to hear from a novice politician who’d yet to figure out how to filter what they think from what they actually say, not from a seasoned campaigner famous for her buttoned-down approach to the media. Alienating large segments of the electorate when you’re running for office is unsound behavior to say the least.

Talking of which, on Sunday we witnessed an even bigger brouhaha due to her early departure from a 9/11 ceremony in New York. Initially dismissed as her being merely “overheated” by her campaign staff, this was later updated to a diagnosis of pneumonia by her personal physician. But the real damage came from a piece of video footage shot by a passerby showing an almost catatonic Clinton being propped up curbside, then tottering insensibly and falling almost headfirst into a waiting vehicle.

The optics of this couldn’t be worse. At a time when issues surrounding her health are rampant on social media, this will only serve to further fan those flames. And whatever the truth about her health, this latest episode does nothing but reinforce the suspicion that we’re not getting the whole story.

Coming so close to the election, does this give the impression that she’ll be able to hit the ground running…or just hit the ground?    

The upshot:

With every possible advantage given to her, Clinton has still somehow managed to turn what should have been a romp to the finish line into a down to the wire nail-biter.

Clinton likes to blame her polling woes on not being a “natural politician” (an excuse she also trotted out back in her 2008 campaign, incidentally), but the simple reality is that a great many people dislike her and, more significantly, an even greater number of people simply do not trust her.

And while it may be true that she’s not a natural politician in as much as she doesn't have an appealing or engaging personality, she is most certainly a natural politician when it comes to the more shady aspects of that profession.

So keep crying in those beers, superdelegates, because if she does lose in November, the lion’s share of the blame will fall on your not-so-super shoulders.

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